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Do Chin Implants Look Natural?

By August 24, 2021 No Comments

Nearly everyone who has looked into chin augmentation surgery has seen the horror stories of unnaturally large chin implants or results that simply do not look natural. This can make patients hesitant about undergoing the procedure, even though they benefit from chin augmentation surgery. Therefore, let’s delve into the question, “Do chin implants look natural?”

With today’s modern silicone chin implants and precise surgical techniques, chin implants can absolutely look natural. Chin implants come in various shapes and sizes that allow Dr. Santos to find the one that best matches your natural facial structure and goals. This prevents a surgical appearance and lets you address exactly what you want. Whether that be the size, projection, or shape of your chin, a chin implant can alter its look without an unnatural appearance.

Additionally, Dr. Santos is a facial plastic surgeon with over three decades of experience performing facial plastic surgeries like chin augmentation. He understands the tenants of facial aesthetics and symmetry on a deeper level. Dr. Santos will use a combination of his knowledge and experience to create a natural looking chin.

Dermal fillers are also an option that is not permanent. They can let you “try out” the look of an implant before committing. To learn more about chin augmentation and to schedule a consultation, call us at 206-324-1120. You can also connect with us online via Price Simulator®, chat, and contact form.