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Breast Lift: With or Without Implants

By March 16, 2017 No Comments

When it comes to breast enhancement procedures, there are two main options: breast augmentation and a breast lift. Whereas breast augmentation enhances the size of the breast with the help of an implant, a breast lift is not so much about size, as it is position. During a breast lift, Dr. Jonov is able to lift the breasts back into a more youthful position. While these procedures can be combined, they do not have to be, and women often wonder, “Should I include an implant with my breast lift?”

When Should You Combine a Breast Lift With an Implant?

Traditionally, a breast lift is performed without the use of an implant and is instead performed to restore the position of sagging, droopy, or stretched breasts. How do you know if the addition of an implant is right for you? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you currently happy with your breast size?
  • Would you like to have larger breasts?
  • Do you just want your breasts to be less saggy?

If you are happy your breast size and don’t necessarily want larger breasts, then all you need is a breast lift. However, if you want to increase the size of your breasts as well as their shape, an implant can be used to fill out your bust line.

Making the Right Decision for You at Seattle Plastic Surgery Center

Whether you choose to have an augmentation along with your breast lift is dependent on what you hope to achieve. Do not to complicate the question: keep it simple and consult with a board certified cosmetic surgeon, like Seattle’s Dr. Jonov. Together, the two of you will discuss your goals and come up with a breast enhancement that is right for you.