Pumpkin Planing – Dermalplaning Fall Facial Seattle  

With a change in weather comes a change in your skin. Oftentimes, cold weather begins to dry out our skin, and we spend less time out in the sun, getting helpful vitamin D. Although the sun can be damaging to the skin, it can also provide helpful nutrients when the skin is cared for correctly. With less vitamin D, harsh weather, and a drop in temperature, our skin can become dry, flaky, and itchy. 

Seattle Plastic Surgery has the perfect solution to restore moisture, even texture, and softness to your skin. Their “Pumpkin Planing,” or dermaplaning fall facial, adds enzymes and antioxidants into a dermaplaning treatment to give patients a warm glow. 

What Is Pumpkin Planing? 

To understand how pumpkin planing prepares the skin for a shift in the seasons, we must first look at what can happen to the skin in colder weather. First, the skin can become dry and flaky due to the lack of heat and moisture in the air. Once the skin is too dry, it can begin overproducing oil, creating build-up and severe breakouts for many patients. However, the pumpkin planing facial doesn’t just treat dry and flaky skin. It works to retexturize thick, resilient skin, fight stubborn acne, and correct sun damage. It achieves this through four specific treatments with added nutrients in between.

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    Key Ingredients In Pumpkin Planing 

    Many ingredients in a dermaplaning fall facial make it essential for preparing for a temperature change. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, the providers know the proper balance of enzymes, acids, and toners to create deep hydration and clear skin. Some of these ingredients include: 

    • Pumpkin: Pumpkin enzymes mixed with alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate the skin, getting rid of the dry surface 
    • Salicylic Acid: This beta hydroxy acid calms the skin and provides a clear complexion 
    • Lactic Acid: Another alpha hydroxy acid that opens the pores to allow for easier exfoliation and helps correct hyperpigmentation 
    • Gluconic Acid: A poly hydroxy acid that that enriches hydration, soothes the skin, and adds clarity 
    • Glutathione: An antioxidant that protects the skin’s barrier and brightens the complexion

    1. Dermaplaning, Seattle 

    Pumpkin planing facial patients in Seattle will be given a pre-cleanse, a second cleanse, and a smoothing toner before dermaplaning. The pre-cleanse will remove the surface debris left on the skin. The second cleanse eliminates the oil build-up that can come from the dryer weather. And the smoothing toner will prep the skin for the dermaplaning treatment. 

    Once these treatments have been administered, the master esthetician begins the dermaplaning treatment. Dermaplaning gently scrapes a thin layer of skin off the face, removing peach fuzz, dead skin, and any build-up. While dermaplaning is a significant benefit on its own, when combined with the pumpkin facial, it provides added nutrients and moisture to the skin, as it allows the treatments to reach deeper layers.  

    2. Pumpkin Nutrients & Hydration 

    After the dermalplaning is complete, the provider will apply a cleansing oil and detoxifier if the skin needs it. They will use a nutrient toner to prepare the skin for the pumpkin treatments to ensure the face is fully clean and dry. Then, they will lather the face with the pumpkin mask, sometimes using steam to open the pores further. An additional oat milk mask and nutrient toner will be applied afterward, as this provides additional hydration.

    3. Enzyme Treatment  

    The enzyme treatment exfoliates the skin, leaving it with a silky, even texture. It is applied like a mask and gently massaged into the skin for three to five minutes. After the enzymes are fully massaged into the skin, another nutrient-rich toner is applied to clean and enrich the skin. 

    4. Correcting Serums 

    The final step in a Seattle pumpkin planing facial uses a series of revitalizing gels and serums to lock in hydration, fight signs of aging, even texture, and add a glow to the skin. The serums used include: 

      • Revitalizing Eye Gel: To promote bright, healthy under eyes 
      • Rejuvenating Serum: Fights signs of aging and protects the skin’s barrier with plant stem cells and growth factors 
    • Resurfacing Serum: Balances texture, evens the tone, and clarifies the skin 
    • Brightening Serum: Uses Vitamin B3 to provide a firm and bright complexion 
    • Clear Skin & Hydrator: Uses a serum with SPF 30 to apply additional hydration and protection 

    Benefits Of Seattle Pumpkin Planing 

    Many incredible benefits come from a pumpkin planning facial, Seattle. While this treatment is excellent for rough, acne-prone, and dull skin, almost everyone can experience benefits such as: 

    • Eliminates dry, dead skin 
    • Smoothes and calms skin 
    • Removes peach fuzz and rough layers 
    • Creates a warm and bright complexion 
    • Adds key nutrients to deep layers of the skin 
    • Opens pores to benefit skincare treatments further 
    • Clears acne and prevents breakouts 
    • Minimally invasive 
    • Allows makeup to sit evenly on the skin 
    • Reduces sun damage 
    • Immediate results 
    • Increases production of collagen 
    • Fights signs of aging 
    • Benefits all skin types 
    • Performed by the top master estheticians in Seattle 

    Risks & Side Effects 

    Very few risks or side effects are associated with a dermaplaning fall facial, as it uses minimally invasive techniques to achieve beautiful skin. However, some patients may experience:

    • Redness around the face 
    • Minimal discomfort 
    • Some breakouts as the skin adjusts 
    • Sensitivity to the sun  

    These side effects are temporary and should only last a few days. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long Does A Pumpkin Planing Facial Last? 

    The treatment takes the master esthetician less than an hour to complete. The initial brightness and glow from the facial last for a week, but the benefits of the facial go far beyond this time frame. The facial prepares the skin for colder weather and allows their normal skincare routine to enhance the skin’s natural clarity and complexion. 

    How Much Does A Seattle Dermaplaning Fall Facial Cost? 

    At Seattle Plastic Surgery, a pumpkin planing facial costs $249. Our website’s price list and simulator can provide further information on the treatment.

    What Are The Best Skin Types For Dermaplaning? 

    The master estheticians can perform dermaplaning on almost all skin types. However, patients with sensitive skin may need to discuss the treatment with a provider to ensure the patient can receive the facial safely. Dermaplaning is especially beneficial for rough and oily skin but can benefit almost every skin type. 

    How Often Can I Get A Pumpkin Planing Facial?

    The frequency at which a patient can receive a facial that includes dermaplaning depends on skin sensitivity and overall needs. However, depending on their goals, most patients can get the treatment every two to four weeks. First-time patients should get the treatment more frequently to allow their skin to become used to it.

    Why Get A Dermaplaning Fall Facial Seattle? 

    The master estheticians at Seattle Plastic Surgery have professionally curated the dermaplaning fall facial. It contains highly effective ingredients and techniques that are administered by the top estheticians in Seattle. This treatment can create balance, clarity, and smooth skin for almost all skin types.  

    The Leading Fall Facial In Seattle 

    At Seattle Plastic Surgery, the master estheticians provide the best facials for Seattle patients. Their pumpkin planing fall facial helps patients prepare for the harsh fall temperature and winds. Through thorough prep, exfoliation, and added nutrients, Seattle Plastic Surgery provides the best pumpkin planing facials in Seattle. 

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    Give us a call at 206-324-1120 or chat by clicking the icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen additionally you can Contact Us by filling out the form below.