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Cosmetic procedures—whether surgical or non-surgical—are most often associated with women. However, in the past decade, more and more men have started seeking out cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. This is especially true for non-surgical procedures such as injectables and skincare treatments. One that continues to see more men seek it out is laser hair removal. Seattle Plastic Surgery provides the best male laser hair removal Seattle and Tacoma offers.

Overview: Male Laser Hair Removal

On the surface, laser hair removal for men looks identical to laser hair removal for women. However, there are some subtle differences such as the areas men tend to treat, the exact settings of the laser, and the number of sessions needed. While body hair around the body is largely accepted for men, many come to Seattle Plastic Surgery wanting to neaten up or reduce the thickness of their hair.

Laser hair removal is considered a permanent hair reduction procedure. It uses a combination of heat and light energy to systematically damage the hair follicles so that they no longer produce hair. Thus, removing unwanted hair. The lasers are calibrated to not cause damage to the surrounding skin and only target the hairs and hair follicles.

Frequent Treatment Areas

One of the major differences between men and women wanting laser hair removal is the treatment areas. Among the most common laser hair removal treatment areas for men include:

  • Neck
  • Upper face
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Genitals
  • Stomach

While these are among the most common areas for men, our master estheticians can treat nearly any area you have unwanted hair including the legs, arms, under arms, and face. The providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery understand that there are several reasons you may seek out laser hair removal including to treat gender dysphoria, improve hygiene, or your preferences.


Laser hair removal for men comes with many advantages and benefits. Some benefits include:

  • Less shaving
  • Neater facial hair
  • More defined facial hair
  • Helps reduce ingrown hairs and acne
  • Improve hygiene
  • Can help keep you cooler
  • Reduce razor burn and cuts
  • Thin unwanted hair without total removal (if desired)
  • Save time and money
  • Little to no pain
  • Low risk
  • Can treat all skin tones, including dark skin
  • Customizable
  • Precise and effective
  • Long lasting
  • Quick appointments
  • Performed by an experienced master esthetician

Triple Wavelength Laser: A Breakdown Of Each Wavelength

At Seattle Plastic Surgery, the laser we use is the newest and most advanced laser used for laser hair removal. Unlike previous types of lasers uses for hair removal, it contains the ability to switch between three different wavelengths. This allows our master estheticians to treat all skin tones with less risk and pain. The table below explains and compares the three laser wavelengths.

755nm Alexandrite 808nm Diode 1064nm Nd: Yag
  • Absorbs more melanin
  • Ideal for lighter skin tones
  • Red light laser
  • May affect tattoo ink
  • Shortest wavelength of the three
  • Most aggressive of the three wavelengths
  • Medium absorption of melanin
  • Splits laser beams for less pain and more precise treatment
  • Works on most skin tones and hair types
  • Sometimes used for skin rejuvenation
  • Versatile
  • Absorbs less melanin
  • Works on all skin tones
  • Safest option for darker skin tones
  • Considered the gold standard of laser hair removal
  • Considered the most effective

All three wavelengths have applications and your master esthetician will adjust the laser to the ideal wavelength during your treatment. The major determinants are your skin tone, hair color, and hair type.

Before & After

A Before and After photo of Laser Hair Removal by Master Estheticians in Seattle and Tacoma

Before & After

A Before and After Comparison of an arm that received a laser hair removal treatment at seattle plastic surgery

Before & After Laser Hair Removal For Men

Private Consultation

The first step to undergoing Seattle laser hair removal is to schedule a consultation with a master esthetician at Seattle Plastic Surgery. During this appointment, they will want to know your goals for treatment, the areas you want to treat, your medical history, and relevant details of your lifestyle. This will allow them to determine if you are a good initial candidate for laser hair removal. 

Your master esthetician may then examine the treatment area as skin tone, hair texture, and hair color can sometimes vary depending on the area. If they believe you are a good candidate, they will describe the procedure, the projected number of sessions, and create a personalized treatment plan. You will also receive a price quote and financing information.

Sometimes they may proceed with treatment on the same day. Otherwise, you can schedule your first laser hair removal session. We often recommend buying a package of treatments for a more cost effective option.


Before each laser hair removal session, you will need to shave the treatment areas. Do not wax or otherwise remove the hair because the laser will use the hair as a guide to the follicle. Waxing pulls out the entire hair which does not allow the laser to do this properly and can put your skin at risk of damage.

Once you arrive for your appointment, you will change if necessary. Your master esthetician will adjust the settings of the laser based on your gender, skin tone, hair type, and the treatment area. They will then apply ultrasound gel to the first area and begin the treatment. Your master esthetician will repeat this process for each treatment area.

Patients usually do not find laser hair removal overly painful. Some relate the sensation to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Though, certain areas such as the face or genitals may be more painful to treat than the back or chest, for example. The treatment is quick. Therefore, most patients do not require any numbing cream.

Aftercare & Results

Laser hair removal aftercare is not overly involved or difficult. Some of the instructions your master esthetician may give include:

  • Avoid strenuous exercise or activities that may cause sweating for a few days
  • Do not submerge the areas in water
  • Keep the treated areas covered/out of the sun
  • Do not apply scented or irritating products to the treated area
  • Exfoliate the dead hairs out gently after about a week
  • Feel free to shave again once you see hair growth come back (as well as to prepare for your next session)
  • If in doubt about a product, do not apply and ask your provider
  • Follow all your master esthetician’s instructions

As far as results, it usually takes two to three sessions to see a visible reduction in hair growth. After treating more than one growth cycle of the hair, the results often become much more noticeable.

When I first considered laser hair removal I studied all about it , reading grossly outdated web articles and was left somewhat apprehensive but decided to "go for it" . At my first session i was very nervous of what torturous pain I would have to endure . My esthetician was very friendly and reassuring . As it turned out all my fears were entirely unfounded and the procedure , besides a few prickly sensations was absolutely painless . The best part was the results . They really exceeded my expectations .


Great people. Good laser hair removal!


Very easy and convenient to book an appointment with. Very professional and competent staff and doctor. I felt very taken care of and at ease thru out my entire procedure. Now Iv been back for my second time and I will be coming back in the future. I am extremely happy with the results. 5 STARS!!


Amazing staff. I always leave happy!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Laser Hair Removal Affect Male Fertility?

Rumors and speculations concerning how using laser hair removal on the male genitals may affect fertility have spread. However, these are generally unfounded and there is little risk to fertility when treating the genitals. The rumors often stem from the noted decrease in sperm count following laser hair removal treatment. 

This decrease in sperm count is slight and likely due to the heat of the laser. Similar decreases can be observed after using a hot tub or sauna. Long term effects on fertility are pretty much unheard of.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Are Needed For A Man?

The number of laser hair removal sessions needed for a man depends on several factors including the treated areas, hair thickness, hair type, amount of hair, goals for treatment, hair color, and skin tone. On average, men need anywhere between four and ten sessions to see their desired results. Men with thicker hair, hair on the lighter side of colors that can be treated, or treating larger areas may all increase the number of sessions needed.

Does Laser Hair Removal Last Forever?

The FDA considers laser hair removal a permanent way to reduce hair. However, future touch-ups may be required to maintain total hair loss. Though, they do reduce the overall need to shave and cause any hair that comes back to come back much thinner. Therefore, for those hoping to simply thin out their hair or who just want to make their routine quicker and less of a hassle, laser hair removal is a great option.

Can It Help With Ingrown Hairs?

Yes, this is one of the common motivations for men seeking laser hair removal. If you frequently get ingrown hairs from shaving, laser hair removal may help reduce the number of ingrown hairs you see.

How Much Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal at Seattle Plastic Surgery starts at $119 for four sessions of a small area. Larger areas and subsequent sessions will incur more costs. You can find all of our pricing on our price list

We do also work with outside financing companies including Care Credit and United Medical Credit. You can find more information and links to apply for these options on our financing page.

The Best Male Laser Hair Removal At Seattle Plastic Surgery

Seattle Plastic Surgery is a leading plastic surgery clinic and medical spa that has served the Seattle area for over two decades. Located conveniently in First Hill, Seattle Plastic Surgery provides a variety of non-surgical services including cosmetic injections and professional skincare. We are one of the only clinics in the area that fully accommodates male laser hair removal patients.

Our master estheticians have undergone both traditional esthetic training as well as basic medical training. This is what gives them their “master” title. They not only can perform traditional esthetic procedures like facials, but they have the knowledge and experience to perform medical grade treatments such as chemical peels, microneedling, and laser hair removal.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-324-1124. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.

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