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Breast Reduction

How To Lose Belly Fat After Breast Reduction In 2024

By February 29, 2024 No Comments

The purpose of cosmetic procedures isn’t to enhance a physical feature but to enhance the patient’s daily life. For some individuals, improving their quality of life may not require addition but subtraction.

Breast reduction surgery has the effect of decreasing the overall volume of the chest. Increasing numbers of women are struggling with daily life because of the issues that come with a large chest. These women have difficulty finding clothing that fits well. Exercise may be challenging or even painful. Neck and back pain can also be a chronic issue for women with breasts too large or heavy for their frames. Considering these struggles, it’s no surprise that the percentage of breast reductions performed has continued to grow.

How Is Breast Reduction Performed?

The surgeon will begin by making an incision around the areola, vertically down the breast, and horizontally along the breast crease. Through the incisions, the surgeon will remove excess tissue and fat from the breast. They will then tighten the remaining skin to create a natural shape for the breast. Patient results should be a less weighty chest and smaller, firmer breasts.

Will A Breast Reduction Cause Weight Loss?

A breast reduction may cause a dip in the number on the scales for some patients. The average weight lost after a breast reduction can range from two to eight pounds. This weight change is due to fat and tissue removal from the chest and will vary depending on the patient. If a surgeon removed excessive amounts of tissue and fat, the pounds lost could increase.

Once they have a chest that fits the size of their frame, patients may want to continue the trend and eliminate more fat and extra pounds.

Tips to Lose Belly Fat After Breast Reduction Surgery

1. Implement An Exercise Routine

Exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether or not a person is trying to lose weight. A routine intended to help patients decrease belly fat might benefit these individuals temporarily; however, they must adopt full-body routines and practices to maintain their results. Cardio, muscle toning, and core workouts are all excellent ways to see a reduction in belly fat while helping patients develop a healthy routine for life.

2. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Consuming food packed with vitamins and nutrients can help patients build energy and recharge their bodies. Monitoring or eliminating the intake of fats, sugars, and overly processed foods can drastically decrease body fat and weight. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are staples in a healthy diet. 

3. Monitor Calorie Intake

If an individual wants to lose weight, the calories consumed should be more than the caloric intake. Fortunately, many healthy foods are naturally low in calories. Pairing an exercise routine with a healthy diet should make consuming the ideal amount of calories easier for patients.


Breast reduction can help patients improve their overall way of life by eliminating back pain, trouble exercising, and struggles to find clothing suited to their bodies. These patients may also desire to create a smaller chest to complement their frames. After breast reduction, some individuals may seek to eliminate belly fat. Implementing a regular exercise routine, consuming a healthy diet, and monitoring calorie intake can help reduce belly fat.

If you are struggling to lose belly fat after breast reduction, contact the medical team at Seattle Plastic Surgery. We offer several helpful treatments to help kickstart your weight loss journey.  Call us at (206) 324-1120 to schedule a consultation.