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What Is A Double Bubble In Breast Augmentation?

Complications after breast augmentation surgery are quite rare with health compromising risks even rarer. Unsatisfactory results or cosmetic deformities caused by breast implants are a risk of surgery. These issues can arise quickly after surgery or develop due to natural aging, injury, or bodily changes. Normally, these complications do not pose a health risk, but they can still be extremely distressing. Luckily, breast revision can often address them. One of the complications Dr. Jonov sees in revision patients is a double bubble. What is a double bubble in breast augmentation?

A double bubble refers to when the breast implant drops below the old inframammary fold. This creates a bulge or bubble effect. There are three main causes of this: incorrect placement of the breast implant, the breast implant shifting from the created pocket, or time. 

When a surgeon places breast implants poorly, this can result in a double bubble soon after surgery. Sometimes the breast implant may shift from the pocket if internal sutures break. Dr. Jonov has seen cases of double bubble caused by other surgeons and has performed breast revisions to resolve this deformity. When seeing a qualified breast augmentation surgeon who performs many breast surgeries, a double bubble rarely occurs. Due to sagging, pregnancy, and other conditions, a double bubble can form over time.

The best resolution for a double bubble is revision surgery. Typically, breast revision surgery will replace or reposition breast implants for the optimal look. Dr. Jonov can diagnose and evaluate the severity of a double bubble during a consultation. He will also provide a knowledgeable recommendation on the best way to go about breast revision surgery. 

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