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What Happens To A BBL After Years?

Plastic surgeries enhance the body, but the results are not always permanent. This is because outside factors such as aging, injury, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, medical conditions, and environmental factors can all contribute to the longevity of results. This leads many patients to ask, “What happens to a BBL after years?”

Since a BBL involves transferring real fat, once you see your final results, the fat is essentially permanent. However, like all fat on your body, losing or gaining weight can impact the transferred fat. Therefore, if you lose a large amount of weight, you may see the results of your BBL reduce. Additionally, gaining weight may add more fat to the area or disguise the result by adding fat to the surrounding areas of the body.

A Brazilian butt lift cannot prevent sagging of the skin or buttocks with age. The skin will naturally lose collagen with age. You can help prevent this with skin tightening procedures and maintaining a stable weight. However, the amount of skin laxity and sagging you see in the buttocks will depend on various outside factors like genetics.

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