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What Are The Risks Of Getting A Facelift?

By January 25, 2022 No Comments

A facelift surgery carries many benefits–but like any surgical procedure–comes with some risks that patients must consider. While risks are fairly low for patients who are optimal candidates and in overall good health, Dr. Santos will still discuss the frequently asked question, “What are the risks of a getting a facelift?”


First off, there are the risks associated with almost any surgical procedure: complications due to anesthesia, infection, skin death, and prolonged or worse than normal side effects. Nearly all of these are preventable and/or treatable. When it comes to anesthesia, Dr. Santos performs most of his facelifts under local anesthesia because it reduces the risk of complications due to general anesthesia as well as overall risk to the patient.


Next, there is always the risk of an unsatisfactory outcome or visible scarring. Dr. Santos has performed thousands of facelifts across his three decade career. He is a master of his craft and does everything he can to ensure a good result with hidden scars. If for some reason he cannot achieve this, he will discuss this with you during your consultation about what he could achieve or other options.


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