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Ultimate Timeline for Pre-Wedding Med Spa Treatments

By April 26, 2024 No Comments

Look & Feel your Best on Your Big Day

A wedding day is not only an important life milestone, but it is also the day you likely want to feel more beautiful and confident than ever before. Thus, many millennial brides are embracing medical aesthetics such as cosmetic injections and professional skincare in advance of their wedding days—as well as in general!

Millennials are openly embracing these treatments more than previous generations because the stigma surrounding them is lessening, especially with many public figures also being open about their medical spa treatments and cosmetic injections.

Getting bride-ready may involve a number of different procedures depending on the patient’s goals, preferences, and time frame.

What is the recommended time frame for scheduling non-surgical aesthetic and cosmetic treatments?

Ideally, brides would be about 18 months out from their wedding to undergo personalized cosmetic treatments at a medical spa. However, we understand that not every bride will have this amount of time before their wedding. Therefore, our master estheticians will put together a customized treatment plan that fits the patient’s timeline.

Even one week before the wedding some procedures can help improve the look of the skin such as oxygen facials, dermaplaning, and the rain facial. Though, if possible, planning to start your medical spa treatments as far before your wedding as possible will allow your master esthetician to address all of your concerns.

Med Spa treatments – the pre-wedding timeline

Between 12 and 18 months before the wedding, patients will undergo a pre-wedding treatment consultation where they will meet with a master esthetician. At this appointment, they will discuss their goals for treatment, medical history, skin goals, and anything else they want to specifically address. Finally, our master esthetician will examine the patient’s skin and provide personalized recommendations.

When starting far enough out, it may be possible for patients to undergo non-surgical contouring procedures such as treating under chin fullness. This can be done through the injectable Kybella or other non-surgical liposuction options. Starting laser hair removal at this time also gives patients the best chance of seeing their desired results by the wedding.

Med Spa treatments for 6 to 9 months out

At around six and nine months out from the wedding, acne treatments can commence. Depending on the specifics of the acne, these treatments can include anything from professional acne treatment products to laser treatments. Addressing other skin concerns such as skin laxity, uneven skin tone, and rough texture should all begin with ample time before the wedding.

Common treatments performed during this phase of treatment:

Med Spa treatments for 3 to 6 months out

As the wedding inches closer and is three to six months out, the previously mentioned treatments will likely continue up until about four to six weeks before the wedding. However, patients may also undergo biostimulatory filler injections because they will generally look their best in about three to six months. Certain hyaluronic acid filler treatments can also be performed such as a non-surgical rhinoplasty and jaw contouring.

Other filler treatments which do not last as long—such as lip filler—should be performed closer to the wedding. This is also the same with Botox and neurotoxin treatments since their results last around three months on average.

Med Spa treatments for 1 to 2 months out

One to two months before the wedding, hyaluronic acid filler injections can take place. This gives them plenty of time to heal properly and settle into place. Botox injections can also be administered at this time.

More intense skin treatments that require downtime or time for your skin to recover between treatments will likely cease. This allows your skin to look its best for the wedding and to avoid unnecessary irritation. The focus then shifts to moisturizing and soothing treatments. A master esthetician can also make skin care recommendations leading up to the wedding.

Med Spa treatments for the week of the wedding

The week prior to and of the wedding is arguably the most important. This is when your master esthetician will focus on treatments that bring out your natural glow and beauty. Common treatments for this period include dermaplaning, an oxygen facial, and a rain facial. Red light therapy can also help bring out your best looking skin without irritating it.

Dermaplaning is a particularly advantageous treatment because it not only brings out the “dermaplane” glow, but also makes makeup application smoother by removing peach fuzz.

Book a Med Spa bridal aesthetics consultation

Get ready for your upcoming wedding with the best medical aesthetics to offer. With high quality care and expertise, our master estheticians provide personalized skincare to help your best skin shine through on your wedding day. Schedule your consultation with a master esthetician today.