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Tips For Reducing Swelling After Liposuction

By June 29, 2020 No Comments

After undergoing any plastic surgery procedure, swelling is often a top concern. This is especially true for liposuction. Swelling after liposuction can sometimes last for a few months, though generally it becomes unnoticeable within four to six weeks. Regardless, there are ways your Seattle plastic surgeon and you can work together to reduce swelling after liposuction. 

The first step is to wear your compression garment as instructed. For most areas of lipo, a compression garment is worn for at least one month or more to manage and reduce swelling. This will promote a healthy recovery and good results. This reduces the amount of fluid buildup and inflammation after surgery. 

Secondly, you can fight fluid build up through ultrasound lymphatic massages. These massages use ultrasound waves to break up fluid buildup and promote lymphatic drainage. Often, this makes patients feel more comfortable and leads to a better recovery. This type of massage should be performed consistently following surgery for the best results.

Finally, a step you can take towards reducing swelling after liposuction is to avoid high salt foods. Salt can exacerbate swelling and cause bloating, both of which can be uncomfortable and worsen overall swelling. Additionally, over-the-counter pain medications should be avoided unless prescribed or recommended by your Seattle plastic surgeon.

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