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The VI Peel Is The Best For Skin Of Color & Other VI Peel Facts

By January 11, 2022 No Comments

Chemical peels are a relatively common skincare treatment that uses a variety of chemicals to remove the upper layers of skin. While safe for most people, certain types of peels are more likely to cause hyperpigmentation for people with darker skin tones. Therefore, depending on the peel, your master esthetician may recommend another option if you have a darker complexion. The VI Peel is one of the few medium strength peels safe for skin of color that provides better results than a superficial peel. 

The VI Peel was designed to treat the creator’s daughter’s cystic acne. It is still considered a great treatment for persistent and cystic acne. While it is considered a medium strength peel and uses a variety of acids, it is gentler than other medium strength peels and tends to cause less peeling overall.

The VI Peel is one of the only chemical peels that comes with specific aftercare. Your master esthetician will provide you with aftercare and instructions for your VI Peel. This continues the process long after you leave the office. 

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