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Thigh Lift Case 02

This 41-year-old patient experienced a major weight loss and while her hard work paid off, she was left with loose and sagging skin. The area of the body most affected by this, was her thighs. She came to Seattle cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Craig Jonov, to consult on skin removal surgery for the thigh area. Using the latest body contouring techniques, Dr. Jonov performed a lateral and medial thigh lift, which removed loose skin and tightened the underlying tissue of both the outer and inner thighs. While this surgery is quite extent, the results can be liberating for patients that battle excess skin. The scars for a medial thigh lift are often hidden in the groin area, as shown in these photos. The result following surgery is a more contoured lower body that allows our patient to wear shorts and expose her legs with confidence.