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Body Contouring Case 02

Pregnancy and nursing, accompanied by a major weight loss, took its toll on this 39-year-old woman’s body. Sagging, hanging skin, and drooping, deflated breasts made it not only difficult to fit into the clothes she desired to wear, but her self-esteem was also negatively impacted. She traveled to Seattle to see Lynnwood cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Craig Jonov, to reclaim her pre-pregnancy body and regain the confidence she had before motherhood. During surgery, Dr. Jonov incorporated multiple body contouring procedures, including a breast lift and breast augmentation using 350 CCs of silicone. He also performed a full tummy tuck with a lower body lift, both of which included liposuction. The result is a lifted, younger appearance. The photos prove that cosmetic surgery can provide a woman with the opportunity to have a tighter, younger looking body even after pregnancy and weight loss. Our patient is thrilled with her mommy makeover results….and so are we!