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How Long Are You Swollen After Fillers?

By June 15, 2022 No Comments

Any injection–whether done for medical or cosmetic purposes–can cause some minor swelling afterward. Some people may also experience bruising. This can be frustrating, especially for cosmetic patients who want to enjoy their results as soon as possible. So, let’s look at the question, “How long are you swollen after fillers?”

Generally, patients should see visible swelling subside within one to two weeks. However, many patients only experience it for a few days post-injection. Certain areas may also swell more than others. For example, temple filler does not tend to swell too dramatically, while cheek or lip filler may have visible swelling.

Additionally, factors concerning the patient can also affect swelling. People who are simply prone to more swelling and bruising are more likely to experience swelling and have it last longer. People who smoke or have certain medical conditions may also notice their swelling stick around longer.

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