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Brow Lift - Dr. Santos

Does A Brow Lift Lower Your Hairline?

By June 27, 2022 No Comments

Brow lift surgery is a commonly performed anti-aging surgery that addresses wrinkles and sagging of the forehead and eyebrows. Considering this, many wonder if or how a brow lift may affect their hairline, especially since people with a well-receded hairline are not always good candidates. Let’s take a look at the question, “Does a brow lift lower your hairline?”

Generally, a brow lift has little effect on the hairline. Incisions are usually within or just above the natural hairline. This keeps them hidden and is why people with receding or high hairlines may not be brow lift candidates. In extremely rare cases, this can actually cause hair loss at the hairline and cause the hairline to move back. This is rare and any hair loss is usually temporary.

If a patient wants to lower their hairline and raise the brows, there are techniques that can make this possible. Though, it cannot recreate a hairline or correct a hairline that has receded back too far. Known as a scalp reduction, this technique can move the hairline forward and be combined with a brow lift for forehead rejuvenation. 

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