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Do Neck Lifts Look Natural?

By November 1, 2022 No Comments

Neck lifts are a procedure that removes and tightens extra and sagging skin on the neck. It will often also tighten the platysma muscle in a process called a platysmaplasty. While technically a separate procedure, they are frequently performed as part of a neck lift. Since the neck is such a highly visible part of the body, patients want to ensure good results and ask, “Do neck lifts look natural?”

When performed correctly, neck lifts will look completely natural. One of the benefits of platysmaplasty is that it helps restore a youthful appearance without major alterations on the outside of the neck. This helps create a much more natural result and one that tends to last longer than a skin-only neck lift.

It is extremely uncommon to see an unnatural neck lift result, especially when performed with a facelift. Also, over resecting the skin of the neck is less common than with a facelift since the procedure pulls the neck skin upward instead of downward which offers better visuals of precisely where to remove the skin.

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