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Injectable Fillers

Can You Use Fillers Under Your Eyes?

By June 22, 2021 No Comments

The under eye area is a notoriously troublesome one for adults of all ages. Some people may naturally have hollowed or dark under eyes, while others may see their under eyes change as they get older. Whatever the case, patients often want to try various skincare products and cosmetic procedures to improve the look of their under eyes. Patients may begin to wonder, “Can you use fillers under your eyes?”

The answer is yes! Under eye filler, also known as tear trough filler, is a common injection site for hyaluronic acid fillers. Filling in hollowed under eyes can lead to a younger, more alert look. Unlike skincare products or makeup, fillers provide long lasting results. Often, results last multiple months.

Under eye filler injections can benefit adult patients of nearly any age. It can brighten up the look of the face as well as rejuvenate areas of the face that may experience volume or fat loss with age. The injectors at Seattle Plastic Surgery are experienced and skilled with tear trough fillers. They understand what can lead to hollowed under eyes and how fillers can achieve their cosmetic goals. 

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