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Breast Lift

Aesthetic Meeting 2013 to Focus on Combination Breast Lift/Augmentation

The 2013 annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) will feature a presentation of new research on the benefits and results of combining a breast lift and breast augmentation. The Aesthetic Meeting, as this event is known, takes place in New York City this year, and is a common place for the announcement of profound research and study findings. Over the course of a week, plastic surgeons from all over the country and the world meet to share information that could improve their practices and the experiences of their patients.

Breast Lift/Augmentation Combo Surgery Improves Results

According to Dr. Thomas Hubbard, who will be making the presentation at The Aesthetic Meeting, this research has been five years in the making. I’m excited to share this information with my peers at The Aesthetic Meeting,” he says. “The focus is safety and effectiveness, and board-certified plastic surgeons are continually looking for ways to improve in these areas.” Though surgeons have been hesitant to perform the procedures together in the past, often preferring two separate surgeries to a combination procedure, new surgical techniques and advances have improved this option. This may give patients better overall outcomes, says Dr. Hubbard. “We can save patients time, discomfort and inconvenience. We can minimize risk. We can even potentially reduce costs for patients. Combined procedures also produce a more comprehensive result for patients who would benefit most from a lift and augmentation.” The presentation has been scheduled for submission with the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, which should add to the spread of this information to surgeons around the world. As highly personal and unique surgeries, breast procedures represent a particularly fertile areas for new surgical techniques, as researchers seek to make the experience as successful as possible for women in all situations. Photo by Canadian Film Centre on Flickr.