Breast Augmentation

(Saline Implant)


Breast Augmentation

(Silicone Breast Implant)


Breast Augmentation

(Gummy Bear Round Implant)


Breast Augmentation

(Gummy Bear Anatomical Implant)


Procedure Time: 1 Hr

Recovery Time: 5 Days

Breast Augmentation 2023 In Seattle & Tacoma

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular plastic surgeries around the world. The global breast implants market grows over 5% each year and the breast augmentation market, in general, grows over 7% on average. In 2023 breast augmentation is slated to continue its growth globally. Seattle Plastic Surgery is Seattle’s leading provider of breast enhancement. Offering all surgical techniques, multiple breast implant options, and non-implant breast enhancement varieties, Seattle Plastic Surgery is the top destination for 2023 breast augmentation in Seattle and Tacoma.

The Rise In Popularity Of Breast Augmentation

The continued rise in breast augmentation surgeries is due to many factors. Along with safer surgeries and implants, the possible cosmetic results are better and more natural than in years past. Modern breast implants are unlikely to cause or worsen breast sagging, which was a common problem with older implants. They are also less likely to rupture.

Additionally, with more people surviving and surgically treating breast cancer, the number of breast augmentation surgeries has increased. This has also contributed to breast augmentation market growth. People around the world also have more disposable income and access to financing. This allows them to undergo a procedure like breast enhancement.

New Surgical Techniques

Innovative surgical techniques have also made breast augmentation one of 2023’s expected most popular surgeries. Traditionally, the incision is somewhere on the breast, either in the inframammary fold or around the nipple. Both of these methods are still performed today. However, many do not want scars on their breasts. Two new techniques offer them that opportunity: transaxillary breast augmentation and transumbilical breast augmentation.

Transaxillary breast augmentation involves making an incision in the armpit and placing the breast implant into the breast through the axillary breast tissue. This method allows surgeons to place the implant under the muscle without cutting the muscle itself. For patients prone to raised scars, this is unlikely to happen in the armpit area. This is the most popular incision location after the inframammary fold incision.

Transumbilical breast augmentation is the least performed technique and can only accommodate saline implants. It uses an incision in the belly button to place an empty saline implant into the breast. The implant is then filled after placement. While lesser performed, it is growing in popularity for patients who want to keep scars as far away from their chest as possible.

Types Of Breast Implants In 2023

The breast implant market itself continues to expand every year. While new implants are released periodically, they primarily fall into three main categories.


Saline breast implants consist of an empty silicone shell. It is placed and then filled with sterile saline to the desired size. Many believe saline implants look and feel less natural. However, when placed under the muscle in the right patient, they are a great choice. Additionally, they require a small incision and can be placed through any of the incision locations.


Silicone breast implants come pre-filled with silicone gel. They are the most popular breast implant because they look and feel natural. They do require a slightly larger incision to place, but it is easily hidden in the natural creases of the body. Silicone and saline breast implants are widely used in North America.

Gummy Bear

A type of silicone breast implant, gummy bear breast implants, are the newest generation of silicone implants. They contain a firmer and more cohesive silicone gel that sticks to itself. Therefore, in the rare event of a rupture, it is more likely to stick to itself. They also come in a teardrop shape that mimics the shape of the natural breast.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to the breasts is becoming increasingly popular. Using liposuction to remove fat from one or more areas, the fat is then injected into the breasts. This creates arguably the most natural look and feel. However, it is not as consistent or dramatic as breast implants. Many patients choose it for body contouring and because it eliminates some of the risks associated with breast implants.

The Cost Of Breast Augmentation 2023

The cost of breast augmentation in 2023 will fluctuate based on the provider you choose, the type of implant, and the surgical technique. The cost of breast implants at Seattle Plastic Surgery is not determined by size, but by type. The best way to get the most accurate quote is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonov at Seattle Plastic Surgery. He will evaluate your individual factors, medical history, goals, and more to give you a personalized price quote.

The Best Breast Augmentation In 2023

Seattle Plastic Surgery has served the Seattle-Portland-Vancouver area for over two decades, providing both surgical and non-surgical procedures. With award-winning plastic surgeons and leading industry professionals, Seattle Plastic Surgery will provide the best 2023 breast augmentation. 

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