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Why Cellulite Won’t Go Away & An Injectable Solution

By November 29, 2021 No Comments

Around 90% of women currently have cellulite, and it is estimated that most women will experience it at some point in their life. Cellulite is perfectly normal and poses no major health risk. However, it can be distressing for patients, especially when it will not go away. Let’s look at why cellulite won’t go away and a new injectable solution called Qwo.

Cellulite forms when the bands of collagen that make up the structure of your fatty tissue are stressed by an increase, decrease, or redistribution of fat. This causes the band to become tauter and pull downward on the skin, which creates the dimpling of cellulite. Some patients may see cellulite go away with time or weight loss, but this is generally only true for younger patients and those who get lucky.

Thankfully, the FDA recently approved the first injectable cellulite treatment called Qwo. Qwo breaks down these strands of collagen to release the tension. This results in a reduction in cellulite that often is long lasting. Preliminary results show that Qwo likely is the most effective and longest lasting cellulite treatment currently available.

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