Stem Cell Hair Restoration

includes 6 treatments


Procedure Time: 1-2 Hrs

Recovery Time: None


Stem cell hair restoration is a revolutionary regenerative hair loss treatment that can help stimulate aging hair follicles to produce new hair growth. Hair loss, while usually a benign condition, can wreak havoc on your sense of self. There are many situations and medical reasons that cause hair loss including pattern baldness, genetic predisposition, and alopecia. This non-invasive treatment can help fight your genetics so you find yourself with more hair. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers stem cell hair restoration to patients in the Seattle and Tacoma areas.

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Stem cell hair restoration is a hair loss treatment that injects stem cells into the scalp to stimulate the healing and expansion of shrunken hair follicles. These stem cells are derived from human placenta. The cells contain hundreds of growth factors, proteins, and hyaluronic acid which all contribute to the health of your skin and hair follicles. You can find these ingredients in many of our other procedures and skin care treatments, like chemical peels. The ingredients work in the same way they do in other treatments, but during Tacoma stem cell hair restoration we inject it into your scalp so that it can nourish and replenish the hair follicles.

Platelet Rich Plasma?

At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we add Platelet Rich Plasma–or PRP–to your stem cell hair restoration treatments. Prior to your procedure, your own blood drawn and spun in a centrifuge to concentrate healing platelets, growth factors and proteins. The sum of all these ingredients is an injectable liquid containing a supercharged amount of your body’s own healing components.

Therefore, combining your Tacoma stem cell hair restoration with PRP, only further promotes the healing process. If the stem cells are the rich soil that nourishes the seeds of new hair growth, than the PRP is the fertilizer that kick starts the process. 

We derive PRP from your own blood during your hair restoration appointment, so you don’t have to worry about your body rejecting the PRP because it already belongs to you.

Do I Need Downtime?

Like most other injectable treatments, there is no requirement for time off or downtime. Normally, you can resume your everyday activities immediately after work. Certain health conditions may jeopardize this, so it is important to discuss your medical history and concerns with your Seattle plastic surgeon. 

Some patients return to work after treatment, while others choose to take the day off for their own comfort, but it is purely a personal decision. For healthy and low risk patients, there are no safety concerns that would limit your activities after stem cell hair restoration in Seattle.



When you visit our private office for your stem cell hair restoration in Seattle, we provide you with refreshments and ensure your comfort before the procedure. A nurse will first draw your blood and begin the centrifuge process to make the PRP. Your cosmetic surgeon will then begin numbing the treatment area with either a topical numbing agent or Lidocaine injections.


By the time you are completely numb, the PRP (if applicable) is ready. Your plastic surgeon will then begin injecting the stem cells into your scalp. You should feel no pain during this process. They will specifically target the areas of hair loss and the shrunken follicles. The entire procedure can take up to one to two hours. 

For the entirety of your appointment, you will remain alert and awake. All that is expected is that you remain still so your cosmetic surgeon can precisely perform the injections. You can expect to be comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Through their experience and expertise about stem cell hair restoration, our surgeons have found that a round of six treatments over the course of six months provides patients with the best results. They will recommend the round of treatment that suits your hair loss needs at your consultation.

Before and during your stem cell hair restoration, your cosmetic surgeon will custom plan your treatment. This includes directly targeting areas on your scalp, altering the procedure to account for anatomy or health needs, and other accommodations. 

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Stem cell hair restoration in Seattle and Tacoma starts at $5000 for six treatments with PRP. This price covers facility fees, operating room fees, and all the needed materials and procedures needed. Seattle Plastic Surgery works with financing companies like Alphaeon and Care Credit. We want to help make your hair restoration treatment fit your budget.


For the first few days after treatment, you may feel some tightness and a sensation similar to a sunburn on your scalp. This pain should not hinder your life significantly. Most of the time the recommended over-the-counter painkillers take care of any pain after treatment. Your plastic surgeon will give you individualized recovery instructions if they apply to you. 

Despite the non-invasive nature and safety of the procedure, it is still important to practice caution for the first few days after treatment. However, this does not require full pausing of work or activities.

Throughout the six months treatment period, you can expect to see some fuzzy hair growth. It will feel and look similar to peach fuzz. In the coming months and year following your last Tacoma stem cell hair restoration treatment is when you can start seeing more substantial hair growth. Most of the time, your plastic surgeon will recommend a yearly treatment to maintain and enhance your results.

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More invasive hair restoration methods can require traditional surgical methods like an incision or stitches. For some patients, these methods provide life changing results, but because of regenerative hair restoration they are not always needed. 

These types of hair restoration methods also typically don’t include any stimulation for scalp rejuvenation or to stimulate new hair growth. They rely simply on the grafted hair taking root in the scalp. 

With a stem cell hair restoration treatment in Seattle, you can expect a painless and relatively easy procedure that will help repair your scalp and hair follicles. This preparation provides the optimal environment your hair needs to flourish. 

Since stem cell hair restoration does not require hair transplanting, all of your existing hair will stay in tact. The stem cells will also protect you from losing your existing hair  

The Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate for Tacoma stem cell hair restoration is a person experiencing hair loss that hinders their life or self esteem. As a non-invasive treatment, most hair loss patients are good candidates for stem cell hair restoration. The qualities of stem cell hair restoration candidates include: 

  • Good overall health
  • Treatable hair loss
  • Some remaining active hair follicles
  • Realistic expectations for the procedure

Any unmanaged, major health condition may hinder the healing process of your body. It is important to discuss the full scope of your health with your cosmetic surgeon prior to treatment. Blood disorders can compromise the safety of the procedure (and the blood draw required to create PRP). If this is the case, your plastic surgeon can help you find the proper hair restoration method for you.

For patients who are already completely bald, stem cell hair restoration may not work as a hair loss treatment. While it does help repair your scalp and stimulate hair growth, you must have active hair follicles for the treatment to be effective.


Seattle Plastic Surgery customizes your Seattle stem cell hair restoration treatment to you. All of our cosmetic surgeons are board-certified and knowledgeable in hair restoration procedures. 

Our office–located off Broadway in Seattle–is held to the highest standard of state certification and provides a comfortable, private environment for your treatments. Our facility and team monitor your safety at all times to make sure you receive the safest treatment possible. 

Seattle Plastic Surgery has served patients in the Greater Seattle area for two decades. Our team prefers to build trusting connections with our patients and lead them through every step of achieving their cosmetic goals. 

Your Consultation

During a consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will inquire about your hair loss, examine your scalp and hair, and review your medical history. After understanding the reasons for your hair loss and your history, they will recommend the best hair restoration treatment for you. They will account for every unique aspect of your hair loss and choose the treatment they believe will provide you the best results. 

After choosing your treatment, you and your plastic surgeon will work together to create a custom plan for your treatment. You can feel confident that  your Seattle stem cell hair restoration treatment will help you find the results you want.

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