Dr. Jonov and Dr. Santos have assembled an amazing team of experienced professional staff at the Seattle Plastic Surgery Center. Our team is dedicated to helping provide patients with the best possible experience, comfort and outcomes.

Dr. Craig Jonov Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Craig Jonov

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Craig Jonov is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in face, breast, and body enhancement surgeries, as well as, cosmetic injectables like BOTOX and dermal fillers. He has over two decades of experience and continues his training and education. His educational background includes medical school at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, a surgery residency at Allegheny General Hospital, along with participation in many fellowships in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. He caters every surgical and non-surgical procedure specifically to each patient to provide the best possible results.

Seattle facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Santos

Dr. David Santos

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. David Santos is a facial plastic surgery expert who has performed over 4,000 facelifts over the course of his career. He is double board-certified through the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has an intricate understanding of the facial skin and muscle structures that allows him to provide an optimal result to his patients. Along with his decades of experience providing premier facial plastic surgery in Seattle, Dr. Santos has pioneered the use of local anesthesia during facial procedures which can decrease risk and lead to a more comfortable recovery.

Picture of Chief Executive Officer Sabrina Sajan

Sabrina Sajan

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Sabrina manages the overall operations and resources of Seattle Plastic Surgery. She continuously creates, implements, and upholds our vision and mission of providing the best possible care to ensuring every patient is treated with respect, care, and compassion. Her goal is to continue to improve the patient experience and streamline the processes. Coming from a healthcare organization, Sabrina knows what it takes to maintain and run a successful operation.

staff gricelda prado

Gricelda Prado

Chief Operating Officer

Gricelda Prado, Chief Operating Officer, has been with Seattle Plastic Surgery Center since its inception.  She has working and educational background in Medical and Business Administration.  Gricelda is deeply committed to Seattle Plastic Surgery Center’s mission statement and vision of serving every patient with compassion, acceptance, respect, and confidentiality from initial contact to treatment completion.  In her spare time, you can find her spending quality time with her husband and four wonderful children.

A portrait of Nurse Injector Angela Turnigan

Angela Turingan

Director of Nursing / Registered Nurse

Angela has been a Registered Nurse since 2013 and graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. She has experience as a medical-surgical and oncology nurse. She is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and exciting experience during your aesthetic journey. You may see Angela’s friendly smile in the clinic, operating room, or on Snapchat! Angela loves traveling, sleeping, and eating food. And Angela, what day is it?…

A Staff Photo of Gyna Huynh

Gyna Huynh

Director of Operating Services / Registered Nurse

Gyna joined our team in August 2017 with an extensive experience in patient care and aesthetics. We have been fortunate to have her as part of our team. She brings an incredible amount of enthusiasm and compassion to our patients. You can find Gyna overseeing the daily operations of the back office, managing patient flow for surgery and supporting our surgeons and staff. As an injector, Gyna’s gentle touch and safe practice of injectable makes her a coveted provider. When Gyna is not working or spending time with her family and little Shiba Inu, you can find her traveling and going on an eating adventure.

staff litzuli

Litzuli Campuzano

Director of Surgical Services / Surgical Technologist

Litzuli joins Seattle Plastic Surgery Center with 6 years of experience in a medical setting. Having always had a lifelong passion for cosmetic reconstructive surgery, she finally followed her dreams of being in the operating room. She has a true passion for helping people feel like the best version of themselves. Outside of work Litzuli enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is an avid reader and can often be found enjoying a good book while sipping on her signature iced caramel macchiato.

staff alexis

Alexis Durfee

Lynnwood Lead / Lead Surgical Care Coordinator

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Alexis has over 10 years of providing exceptional customer service. As a surgical coordinator, Alexis strives to create a positive and welcoming experience for those we serve. When Alexis isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her husband and exploring the beautiful state of Washington.

A Staff Photo Of Injector, Justine Fernandez

Justine Fernandez

Seattle Lead / Registered Nurse

Born in the Philippines, but raised in Singapore and Florida, Justine originally pursued a career in business. During her education, she worked a part-time job in a clinic, where she fell in love with the medical atmosphere. Changing the course of her education, she began studying Nursing and became a Registered Nurse. In Florida, Justine gained experience assisting in cardiac surgery. Eventually, she attended an education program where she worked as a neurosurgery nurse that led her to Seattle. She fell in love with the city and decided to relocate. With a passion for surgery and approaching patients with deep empathy and compassion, Justine was the perfect fit for Seattle Plastic Surgery and our patients. Outside of work, Justine enjoys podcasts, traveling, exercising and considers herself a foodie. Additionally, Justine speaks Tagalog and can help translate when necessary.

A Staff Photo of Kirkland Lead and Patient Care Coordinator Jessica Pao

Jessica Pao

Kirkland Lead / Patient Care Coordinator

Jessica serves as our Kirkland Lead and Patient Care Coordinator. She has a B.A. in Public Health from UW and loves providing our patients with a positive and comfortable experience. Jessica enjoys seeing patients make elective and autonomous decisions about their body and medical care. Her favorite part of the job is building relationships with patients.

staff patrick

Patrick Klimczyk


Since 2006, Patrick has thoroughly enjoyed practicing as a Nurse Anesthetist.  His passionate care is reflected in a vigilant approach to patient care.  Patrick loves to bring comfort and smiles to patients, families and friends.  He recognizes that surgery and anesthesia can be a stressful experience and tries hard to provide a supportive, understanding and positive experience to both the patient and their loved-ones.

A Staff Photo of CRNA Jeannie Schulz

Jeannie Schulz


Jeannie is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist who brings her years of experience and expertise to Seattle Plastic Surgery. She is an integral part of the surgical team and Jeannie is thrilled to be part of helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

Staff photo of Nataliya B.

Nataliya Bilan

Physician Assistant

Nataliya began her career serving surgical and injectable needs in a world renowned Manhattan practice. Nataliya brings specialized facial plastic surgery experience and unique knowledge of the facial muscles and nerves back with her to Seattle. Her goal is to help patients maintain their unique features while looking their best and meeting their cosmetic needs. She assists in surgeries and provides filler and neuromodulator injections as one of our injectors.

A Staff Photo of Janal Kim

Janal Kim

Physician Assistant

Janal received her Bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, as well as, serving medical needs in Guatemala and at Korea University Hospital in South Korea. She became a Physician Assistant at the University of Washington after completing her education. As a surgical physician assistant, she first assists in surgery and sees pre-op and post-op patients. She is bilingual in Korean and English. Her goal is to develop meaningful relationships with each patient, to grow as a surgical and clinical physician assistant, and to provide the best patient care. Her mission is to let her patients feel cared for, wanted, and respected. Outside of work, Janal enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest, playing the cello and piano, and oil painting.

A Staff Photo of Pre-Op Coordinator, Olivia Wu

Olivia Wu

Registered Nurse/ Pre-Op Coordinator

Olivia was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. Graduating from University of Hawaii in 2019, Olivia is a Registered Nurse and currently serves our patients as our Pre-Op Coordinator. Every surgical patient will meet with Olivia and she helps guide patients on their plastic surgery journey. Her goals include to gain experience and become a well rounded nurse so that she can better serve her patients. Throughout her education to become a Registered Nurse, Olivia found herself attracted to the cosmetic and plastic surgery field because she enjoyed helping people achieve their goals and make a difference in their lives.

A portrait of Nurse Injector Lynda Borge-Jouini

Lynda Borge-Jouini

Registered Nurse

Lynda is a registered nurse who brings over 10 years of extensive nursing experience in administration, management & communication, and medical aesthetics to Seattle Plastic Surgery Center. She has a keen aesthetic eye and incredibly gentle touch, which she uses to obtain the most natural results. Areas of expertise include the administration of BOTOX, dermal fillers, Kybella, and plasma. Lynda also has advanced training in the treatments of laser hair removal, photo facial rejuvenation, laser facials, and skin tightening. Above all, her outgoing personality and nurturing demeanor are key factors in Lynda’s ability to develop long-term relationships with patients, and she strives to positively impact every individual she treats.

A Staff Photo of Registered Nurse Hailey Zimmerman

Hailey Zimmerman

Registered Nurse

Hailey is a Registered Nurse originally from California. She is dedicated to providing VIP patient care and creating a welcoming environment. Hailey especially loves serving the transgender community and making a visible impact on patient’s lives. 

A Staff Photo of Registered Nurse Joy Phommachanh

Joy Phommachanh

Registered Nurse

Joy earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Northwest University. She previously worked as a Registered Nurse in rehabilitative care. She serves patients in the operating room and clinic. Joy loves getting to see patients along every stage of the surgical process.

A Staff Photo of Registered Nurse Laura Prunty

Laura Prunty

Registered Nurse

Laura received her B.A. in Nursing from Pennslyvania State University. She recently moved to Seattle. Laura serves patients in and out of the operating room. She hopes to calm patients’ nerves before surgery and focuses on providing the best care to every patient. Before joining Seattle Plastic Surgery, Laura worked as a travel nurse and in the pediatric transplant surgery field.

A Staff Photo of Registered Nurse Madison Corwin

Madison Corwin

Registered Nurse

Before becoming a Registered Nurse, Madison earned a business degree and worked in accounting. Deciding to make a complete career switch, she obtained her nursing degree from Skagit Valley college. Madison most often sees patients at their consultation and post-operative appointments. The most rewarding part of working at Seattle Plastic Surgery for Madison is helping patients through the sometimes difficult and emotional recovery process.

A Staff Photo of Registered Nurse Kim Dang

Kim Dang

Registered Nurse

Kim obtained her Bachelor’s of Nursing from the University of Washington. She works mainly in the operating room as a scrub nurse. Kim loves being a part of our patient’s beauty journeys. In her spare time, Kim loves exploring Seattle with her sons.

staff eden

Eden Hooker

Surgical Technologist / Medical Assistant

Eden is a certified Nurse Assistant, Medical Assistant, and Surgical Tech. She has over 11 years of experience in the medical field; with 7 years experience in the operating room. She is currently continuing her education in Nursing to work towards a Bachelor’s degree. Plastics, cosmetics, and dermatology is her favorite specialty of choice, but helping people is her passion. Working closely with the doctors she helps ensure the satisfaction of each and every patient, while assisting the doctors and patients in clinic and in the operating rooms. Off duty Eden is a wife and mother of two children, Anthony and Aniya. She loves attending and being a part of their sports. Eden is also greatly involved with her church and assisting in helping the community with volunteering.

A Staff Photo of Surgical Care Coordinator Olivia Drum

Olivia Drum

Surgical Care Coordinator

Olivia recently moved North Carolina to Seattle. Before she moved, Olivia worked in the fertility industry and has a passion for helping patient’s long term dreams come true. Olivia finds great fulfillment in serving our patients. Outside of work, Olivia enjoys hiking, dancing, and meeting new people.

A Portrait of Master Esthetician Kyla Walker

Kyla Walker

Master Esthetician / Medical Assistant

Kyla is a state board certified master esthetician and registered Medical Assistant with a passion for cutting edge skin care treatments and modalities. She is dedicated to creating a step by step customized protocol for her patients in order to reach their skincare goals. In her free time, Kyla enjoys spending time outdoors kayaking and walking her chocolate lab.

A Staff Photo of Master Esthetician, Summer Brooks

Summer Brooks

Master Esthetician

Summer is a master esthetician from Edmonds, Washington. She brings a wide range of esthetic experience to Seattle Plastic Surgery having worked in salons and medspas. When not helping patients accomplish their goals as a master esthetician, Summer enjoys the outdoors, hiking, snowboarding, and spending time with her family.

A Staff Photo of Master Esthetician Turi Lucas

Turi Lucas

Master Esthetician

Turi is a master esthetician with over five years of experience as a master esthetician and over ten years in esthetics overall. She loves having the opportunity to educate patients and make them excited about skincare. In her spare time, Turi loves spending time with her two boys and continuing her education in skincare and esthetics.

A Staff Photo of Master Esthetician Heather Trice

Heather Trice

Master Esthetician

Heather is a master esthetician who graduated from Evergreen Beauty School. She also is a private chef and Certified Reiki Master. One of her biggest interests is how food affects the skin and can contribute to healthier skin. Heather is excited to bring her knowledge and expertise to Seattle Plastic Surgery.

A Staff Photo of Shelby Houghton

Shelby Houghton

Medical Assistant

Shelby was born and raised in Washington State. She was inspired from a young age to pursue a career in the medical field and originally intended to enter pediatrics. She attended Pima Medical Institute where she became a certified Medical Assistant. Shelby worked in urgent care after finishing her education where she perfected her skills. She was always interested in the beauty and cosmetic industries, so her move into the plastic surgery industry was where she saw herself. Shelby is excited to gain surgical experience and loves seeing her patients from beginning to end.

A Staff Photo of Medical Assistant Tristina Windsor

Tristina Windsor

Medical Assistant / Pre-Op Coordinator

Tristina has worked in the medical field for five years as a medical assistant. She first gained an interest in plastic surgery by watching plastic surgery shows. Eventually, this grew into a passion for the industry. When not serving our patients, Tristina enjoys taking pictures, painting, and going on walks with her Australian Shepherd.

staff belinda

Belinda Perez

Lead Patient Care Coordinator

Belinda is one of our Patient Care Coordinators and a Licensed Esthetician with over 16 years experience in customer service and sales and 8 years in management. Belinda is often one of the first people to greet our patients on the phone and in office. She enjoys assisting patients with their initial inquiries and being available for all their needs throughout their treatment and surgical journey. Outside of work, Belinda enjoys traveling, hosting parties, family game nights and being a dance mom.

Staff photo of Austen B.

Austen Beard

Insurance Coordinator

Austen has over four years of experience in the paraoptometric and customer service.  She values patients as family and treats them with compassion. She has a BS in Biophysiology from the University of Washington and in her spare time she enjoys working out, traveling and doing anything out on the water.

A Staff Photo of Meredith MacDonald

Meredith MacDonald

Patient Care Coordinator

Meredith joins our team with years of customer service experience in various roles. From receptionist to server to nanny, Meredith has dedicated her career to serving others. Her main goal as a Patient Care Coordinator is to exceed all patient expectations and make every patient’s experience an amazing one. She is a Seattle native who enjoys reading, being outdoors, spending time with her family and kitten, and riding horses.

Staff Photo Of Bookkeeper Paulyn Patdu

Paulyn Patdu


Paulyn brings over 5 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience to Seattle Plastic Surgery. She received her degree in the Philippines and has a background in business, management, and managerial accounting. Paulyn considers herself to be extremely detail-oriented and brings that dedication to her work. Outside of work, Paulyn enjoys hiking and spending time with nature.

Staff photo of Alisan - Web Content Writer at Seattle Plastic Surgery

Alisan Keesee

Web Content Writer

Alisan has over ten years of writing experience and has obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing. As a web content writer, she is dedicated to providing our patients accurate and well written web content so that they can understand their desired procedures before they walk in for a consultation. She strives to always keep improving her writing skills. Her goal is to make our website the authority when it comes to information concerning cosmetic and plastic surgery. Outside of the office, she enjoys traveling, reading, listening to music, trying out new food and working on her novel.

Staff photo of Bret W. Albertson, General Cousel

Bret W. Albertson

General Counsel

Bret brings over ten years of experience in corporate development and legal roles. As General Counsel, Bret‘s goals include to provide a safe and secure experience for patients, maintain and ensure a healthcare law compliant environment, and help grow Seattle Plastic Surgery to its fullest potential. When not at work, Bret enjoys golf, skiing, practicing martial arts, and going to the dog park with his wife and dog, Peanut.

Staff photo of Jesus Gonzalez

Jesus Gonzalez

Lead Web Designer

Jesus has over ten years in the marketing and design industry.  As the Lead Web Designer, he designs, develops, produces and manages content for our visitors. His goals are to meet the expectations of our website visitors and his mission is to provide a great user experience that will inform, educate and provide valuable knowledge. Outside of work, he enjoys staying active by going to the gym, hiking and training his cat to hike alongside him.

A Staff Photo of Video Producer Alex Cheseborough

Alex Cheseborough

Video Producer

Having recently moved from California, Alex joins Seattle Plastic Surgery after years of working in the film and marketing industries. He creates videos to educate patients on plastic surgery and highlight patient journeys.