About Justine

Born in the Philippines, but raised in Singapore and Florida, Justine originally pursued a career in business. During her education and on a trip to Seattle, she fell in love with the city and decided to relocate. With a passion for surgery and approaching patients with deep empathy and compassion, Justine was the perfect fit for The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery and our patients.

Outside of work, Justine enjoys podcasts, traveling, exercising and considers herself a foodie. Additionally, Justine speaks Tagalog and can help translate when necessary.

A Staff Photo of Nurse Injector Justine Fernandez

History & Education

Before healthcare, Justine originally pursued a career in business. During her education, she worked a part-time job in a clinic, where she fell in love with the medical atmosphere. Changing the course of her education, she began studying Nursing and became a Registered Nurse. In Florida, Justine gained experience assisting in cardiac surgery. Eventually, she attended an education program where she worked as a neurosurgery nurse that led her to Seattle.

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