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Permanent makeup is a growing trend where various parts of the face are enhanced with semi-permanent pigments. This helps reduce the patient’s makeup routine and look presentable without much makeup on. For many busy moms and those in the entertainment industry, this is an attractive prospect. However, it can sometimes go wrong. Thankfully, the experts at Seattle Plastic Surgery can help correct cosmetic issues with microblading and help prevent them in the future. The microblading artists at Seattle Plastic Surgery provide the best revision microblading Seattle offers.

The Technicality Behind Microblading

Microblading is similar in concept to tattooing. Though, there are a few differences. For example, microblading uses a slanted blade made up of multiple needles. The pigment—or ink—used is also semi-permanent versus permanent like with tattoos. Microblading requires certain techniques and technical knowledge that our microblading artists spent years curating.

Quality Pigments

First, like with traditional tattoos, you get what you pay for. Do not go someplace simply for the price. One of the ways that people can offer microblading for exceptionally cheap is by using cheap, low quality pigments. These often contain metals that can turn the brows an unnatural color such as red or green. Thankfully, this is correctable.

At Seattle Plastic Surgery, our pigments are vegan, high quality, and do not contain the metals known to cause brow discoloration. Therefore, you are unlikely to see unexpected discoloration in three months.

Proper Technique

When it comes to the proper technique for microblading there are two main facets: limiting trauma and the three-point stretch. Limiting trauma leads to better healed results and prevents scarring. While scarring is rare, causing too much trauma to the skin can cause it. The way to do this is to change the settings of the microblading tool and maintain gentle pressure.

The three-point stretch is a specific way to stretch the skin that prevents an unnatural result. If you stretch the skin on way, this can lead to the stroke looking out of place. The three-point stretch prevents this by essentially creating a flat surface that your artist can work off of. Also, the stretch is better for your skin than other methods.

The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical concept that is often found in nature. It is also frequently found in things that humans have historically found beautiful. Your brow artist can apply this ratio to your face and brow area. This allows for optimal placement and shaping to prevent asymmetry. It also makes it more likely that your brows will better fit your facial features.

A Before Photo of Combo Brows Microblading In Seattle and Tacoma


An After Photo of Combo Brows Microblading In Seattle and Tacoma




What Can Go Wrong With Microblading

Microblading can be highly effective, but occasionally a less than ideal result can occur. Normally, this is between the initial session and the touch-up where the final brow look is solidified. However, it can sometimes happen after this period. Regardless, a microblading revision can resolve most undesirable results.


One of the most feared—but uncommon—results is a discolored look. This can include a red, blue, green, or other unnatural color outlining the brow or peeking through the natural brow hairs. To correct this, your microblading artist will first apply a color corrector. This adds the color opposite to the one your brows turned and neutralizes it. Once healed, they can reapply the brows.

Not only does this color correction procedure bring your brows back to a natural appearance, but since it is applied with the microblading tool, it can help prevent your brows from turning the same color again upon healing.

Thick Hair Strokes

In people with very oily skin or due to inadequate technique or equipment, the hair strokes initially applied can heal large and blurry. While the exact manner of correction will depend on the cause and your skin type, applying power brows over the original microblading usually covers the thick hair strokes.

This can happen in people with oily skin because as they heal, the pigment picks up excess oil on the skin causing it to expand. In the end, this can result in less crisp hair strokes and a less natural look overall. Make sure you tell your provider if you have notably oily skin.

Asymmetry/ Shape Irregularities

If a provider does not do the proper mapping before microblading, this can lead to asymmetry or shape irregularities. Additionally, sometimes during the healing process, some hair strokes simply do not take and this can also cause shape irregularities. Your touch-up appointment is usually enough to correct this. 

However, in cases where the issue is larger, our microblading artists can evaluate the result, skin type, and more to determine the right technique for moving forward. It may include filling in the missing areas, applying powder or combo brows, or reshaping the brows, if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Prevent A Bad Result?

The easiest ways to prevent a bad result are to go to a reputable microblading artist that you trust and to follow your aftercare instructions. Ensure that your provider is knowledgeable and experienced in the technique you are interested in and can show you ample results of their work, both immediate and healed.

As far as the aftercare instructions, they can differ for each patient, but commonly include:

  • Do not pick at scabs that form because this can pull out pigment
  • Avoid getting the brows wet including with sweat for about one to two weeks
  • Clean in the way recommended by your artist
  • Limit exposure
  • Cease using Retinol and other skincare products as needed for the duration of your healing
  • Continue to prevent certain skincare products from touching the brows
  • Attend your touch-up appointment

Also, during your consultation, make sure you tell your microblading artist all relevant aspects of your medical history such as allergies, skin conditions, if you have had microblading before, and if you smoke.

Can I Fix It Myself?

Technically, yes, in some cases, you can use regular brow makeup to fix the results of your microblading. However, for many patients, this defeats the purpose of microblading. Therefore, a microblading revision is warranted if a patient does not want to put in the work of doing their brows every day.

In most cases, Seattle Plastic Surgery’s microblading artists recommend seeing a professional to at least evaluate the state of your brows. They may recommend another treatment that better suits your lifestyle. At least they will be able to advise you on the best course of action to help you achieve your goals.

Is A Touch-Up Appointment A Revision?

No, it is normal for some of the pigment to not take after the first session. A touch-up appointment allows your artist to clean up these strokes and the shape of your brow to ensure a good result. This is also why a microblading revision should not be considered until four weeks after your touch-up appointment. Only then can your brows be considered healed enough to observe the final result.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Remove Microbladed Brows?

Yes, though, it is not for everyone. One of the major downsides of laser tattoo removal for microbladed brows is that the laser can also inadvertently remove hair as well. While this is not guaranteed, there is a risk that it could remove some of your natural brows. However, there are times when laser tattoo removal is the best option for removing microblading.

There are other removal options such as saline removal and even certain topical skin products that can promote fading over time. The quickest method is definitely laser tattoo removal.

Does Microblading Ever Fade Completely?

Yes, if you never do a touch-up or refresh session in two to three years the microblading pigment will eventually completely fade out. This tends to take at least two years. Not following aftercare, environmental factors, and certain skincare products can speed up this process.

Microblading is semi-permanent because the position of the brows, as well as brow trends, can change. This allows you to account for changes in your face and also beauty trends because you to change up your microbladed brows occasionally.

Fix Microblading With The Best Revision Microblading In Seattle

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The brow artists at Seattle Plastic Surgery have years of experience in all forms of microblading including powder brows and combination brows. They also frequently see revision cases to help revive botched microblading procedures performed elsewhere. The microblading artists will customize your treatment to you based on your needs, anatomy, and cosmetic goals.

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