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Hyaluronic Acid injections, such as Restylane or Juvederm, are a safe and non-surgical way to fill out facial lines and creases and perfect for lip injections and lip fillers. These popular facial fillers may also be used for facial contouring in areas such as the jawline, cheekbones, and depressions at the junction of the lower eyelids and cheek.

Restylane is a popular lip injection treatment and is great for soft, plump and full lips. On average, dermal fillers will last for at least six months, and in some cases can provide patients continued results for up to a year or more.

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I've had very thin lips my entire life and they've always bothered me. Recently I started getting bad creases in my cheeks! I went to Seattle Plastic Surgery and got Restylane in my lips and my cheeks. My lips are full and my creases are gone!

SandraSuch an improvement!

Face Goals: The Rundown on Restylane Fillers in Seattle

Got Face Goals? From fuller lips, to fewer fine lines, to higher cheekbones, to brighter under-eyes, Restylane injections can help you achieve the look you’re always wanting. Here’s the rundown of the various Restylane Fillers offered at Seattle Plastic Surgery:

What are Restylane Fillers?

The entire line of Restylane fillers are often referred to as “HA Fillers” because they include hyaluronic acid as a main ingredient. Hyaluronic Acid naturally occurs in your body, allowing your skin to retain moisture. As you age, however, lower levels of HA contribute to the obvious signs of facial aging including fine lines, deep creases, dryness, dullness, uneven texture, and sagging. Restylane HA fillers can help you reduce these signs.

Restylane injections restore your HA levels and help you maintain the appearance of hydrated, healthy, youthful skin across various areas of your face. The Restylane Family of dermal filler products were designed with your face goals in mind, giving you natural-looking, lasting results using safe and effective products.

Do you want a Perfect Pout?

Designed specifically to restore fullness in the lips and mouth area, Restylane Silk and Restylane-L are dermal fillers created to plump up your lips or reduce the fine lines around your nose and mouth. These Restylane Injections are more viscous formulas infused with lidocaine to minimize pain during injection. These products inject smoothly to increase lip fullness and to smooth out fine lines surrounding the lips. Their immediate benefits can last about 6 months (for Silk) or 18 months (for Restylane-L).

What about wrinkles, creases, and marionette lines?

At Seattle Plastic Surgery Center we recommend Restylane Refyne, a viscous injectable dermal filler, to address more mild to moderate creases, wrinkles, or folds in the face. This Restylane fillers’ rejuvenating results can last up to one year. It helps smooth and resurface your skin by adding volume to areas of your face that are beginning to age.

For more moderate to severe creases such as the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, we offer Restylane Defyne. These fillers in Seattle improve the loss of facial curves or structure caused by aging or weight loss and can be used as a facial contouring agent. The rejuvenating and volumizing effects of this formula can last up to one year.

Can Restylane help Hollow Cheeks and Aging Hands?

Seattle Plastic Surgery Center offers Restylane Lyft, a firmer formula that helps to reverse the signs of aging by restoring fullness of moderate creases or hollows, including the midface, cheeks, temples, nasolabial folds, and hands for as long as an entire year. Restylane Lyft is actually the first dermal filler product approved by the FDA to address restoration of volume in the hands as well.

If you are looking for Restylane Injections in Seattle to reverse your signs of aging, such as volume loss or decreased firmness, we want to help. We use Restylane to help patients add curves and contours, correct fine lines, reduce wrinkles, and add definition to the face. We want to help you reach your goals with the appropriate combination of Restylane injections and expertise from our experienced Seattle Plastic Surgeon or our talented nurse injectors.

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