Seattle Plastic Surgery Center


Seattle Plastic Surgery Center: Office and Facilities

Dr. Grenley was one of the first board-certified plastic surgeons in Seattle to open a state-certified office-based surgery center, and it is still one of the few in the region that meets these rigorous standards.

Most cosmetic surgery is performed in plastic surgeons’ offices in order to reduce the cost to patients. Surprisingly, there are currently few licensing requirements and regulations governing these facilities. It is our belief that cosmetic surgery should only be performed in an office facility if it can be done as safely as in a hospital setting.

For the safety of our patients, we have voluntarily built our surgery center to meet all requirements for the highest level of Washington State Certification. We go through ongoing certification and accreditation procedures similar to those of hospitals. This governs all aspects of care at our surgery center, including sterilization procedures, safety policies, operating room staffing, monitoring equipment, emergency medications and equipment.

Operating room personnel, physicians and nurses, are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. All anesthesia for surgery is provided by board-certified physician anesthesiologists, the same group who provides all anesthesia care at Swedish Hospital. We believe that they are best qualified to provide for the safety and comfort of our patients.

We spare no effort or expense in providing for the safety of our patients.