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Dr. Grenley Answers Your Questions on Breast Augmentation

Dr. Robert Grenley is the board certified Plastic Surgeon here at the Seattle Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Grenley has been practicing cosmetic surgery of the face and body since 1985 and has a great deal of experience in breast augmentation. As the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States with well over 300,000 done last year, Dr. Grenley has performed many throughout his career. His patients are calling him “one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the area” and are calling their results “fabulous” and exceeding their expectations. Today, Dr. Grenley answers some of the top breast implant questions being asked by women.

After breast-feeding, my breasts have become deflated. I don’t necessarily want them bigger, but I do want the sagging to go away. Do I need implants?

Although no one NEEDS implants, the question is how to best restore the appearance of your breasts that have deflated after pregnancy and nursing. A deflated breast is one where there is a loss of volume, and the best way to restore its appearance with the least conspicuous scars is to replace that volume with a small, natural-appearing implant.

Can saline implants feel natural?

Saline implants do not feel as natural as silicone gel implants. The main difference in feel is in the lower portion of the breast as the pectoralis muscle does not cover the implant down that far. With saline you will generally feel the edges and wrinkles of the implants in the lower pole with your fingers, whereas with silicone gel implants you will not or, if so, very little in comparison.

Is a lift required or needed with breast augmentation?

The answer varies from patient to patient based on where your nipple and the bottom of your breast lie in relation to your inframammary crease. This is the important determination as to whether your breast only needs to be filled out by an implant, or whether the breast is resting too low and will hang off the implant, since the implant is behind (not in) the breast, the bottom of the implant is at the level of the crease, and it will not fill out a breast that is hanging too low below the crease. Again, implants do not lift breasts, they fill them out where they are. If you are interested in pursuing a breast augmentation, call today to set up a consultation with Dr. Grenley.